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June 14, 2010


Delwyn from Quilters Harvest

Love the idea of the drawer for storage. The fabrics look so good displayed this way, too good to use in fact. Love keeping up with your news.


Dreaming is my favourite part of patchwork and quilting!


I have the same dog in the same colours. She snore's very loud. When i have someone on the phone, they ask what the noise is. Well, that's the dog! Beautiful quilt!

Greetings from Debby,
the Netherlands


Lovely fabrics, gorgeous quilt, Marg. Azz is so gorgeous; just as gorgeous as our Blenheim mother and son cavvies. There are two of them so they are twice as loud; I often wonder if Don and Kath can hear them snoring!


That quilt looks fabulous. How big are the finished squares - 1"?
You are right, when we see lovely fabrics we gently run our hands over them. You see it all the time in shops or at the shows.

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