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January 23, 2009



awww bless i have two of those dogs lol i can imagin how funny it would be to have him walking into things! hehe
i love the fabs!

Sandra Lee

Poor Azzi, I have a cavvie, he is 4 1/2 months old, I love him too bits. He loves my sewing room, and likes to sit on my sewing magazines on the book shelve while I am busy sewing, his name is Billy. I do hope that Azzi is feeling better now.

simone de klerk

Poor doggy! Love the fabrics. Looking forward to what you're going to make (O:


Hi Marg
Your poor little Azzi.... what a sad face..
Wondering when youre popping over this way (tried to email with no success...) Would you mind letting me know when?
Ill try another email too.

Rosie Graham

Hello there, I too have Cavvies that love to eat what ever they come across, though Rufus has had grass seeds taken out of his ears twice now.
Poor little Azzi, looks so pitiful with the bandage on. Are tissues one of Azzi's favourites? From what I know, all Cavvies love to eat tissues.


Hi Marg, I have a cavalier that loves to eat everything in her path, my fabric scraps and she loves little rocks! Mine and Azzy seem to have the same hair cut.

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