a road trip

It was a spur of the moment decision, a road trip to Cohuna to visit Barb and see for myself the Christmas displays at Factory and Field. Barb's been tempting me with descriptions and pictures. With only one free weekend until Christmas, it had to be the weekend just gone.

I was not disappointed; it was worth the four hour drive from Albury to Cohuna. Plus it was lovely to catch up with Barb in person, a rare opportunity due to the distance separating us.

My first look at the Christmas shop, all I could think was WOW!


It was hard to know where to look first.








We went back for a second look on Saturday. This was after we had fun playing with the trees I bought and Barb's basket and buttons.





Once we'd finished shopping it was off to the Waffle shop for Gluten free waffles and coffee.



Our last and final stop was The Elm Tree Nusery. We needed to walk off the waffles! Gorgeous nursery, I'll post pictures next time.

Celebrating Christmas Kit

The Christmas Stitching Day was an opportunity to revisit my Christmas samples. Often favourites are set aside to make way for new ones; there is only so much space in the suitcase and limited wall space to display them at shows. The table mat, Celebrating Christmas falls into this category.  It is a lovely project to make; a little stitching and some needle-turn appliqué. I've only ever made this one, but I remember Heidi telling me she'd made four she loved sewing it so much!



I've been asked in the past if I had a kit and the answer was always no. I will only substitute fabrics if they'll look as good as the sample, but now I do.

The Celebrating Christmas Kit includes the pattern & fabrics. It does not include the threads and iron-on-pellon.

The kit costs $35 including postage within Australia.

The pattern costs $13 including postage within Australia