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September 10, 2008



I love to hear family stories...what a blessing for you to have those sewing treasures from your aunt. It was very sweet of you to name your pattern after her as well. Thanks for sharing!


Isn't it wonderful to have a part of your Aunt's life, if only these things could talk?
I think the sewing set is just lovely, Please enter me in the draw!


As long as a can remember my mum use to do embroidery and knitting but as a child I did not take much notice of it. Now my mum and I sew together it is a great time spent together. Please enter my name in the draw.


I think most of my passion for sewing and embroidery came from sitting with my Grandma watching her create beautiful stitch at a time.
Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your patterns....I have to admit that I have been drooling over them for along time now.

Ginny Worden

What a lovely story, and what a lovely pattern. Do hope I am the lucky one.


It's lovely to be surrounded by sewing items that have a little history behind them. If only they could tell us their story.


I also had an Aunt Ivy, who I remember as being a wonderful cook.I'm sure your Aunt would have been thrilled to know that you designed and named a pattern in her memory.


My Aunt Ivy was named Aunt May. How wonderful to name your pattern after her.


I too have a dear Aunt whom I used to sit with and sew and watch her create many things as she taught me to hold a needle and thread.....Many years later I had the pleasure of teaching her to quilt...Glad that you could be custodian of your Aunt Ivy's special treasures!
Hugs x

May britt

Old sewing accessoires is treasures. I have some old thimbles after my grandmother and I am very fond of them. My dream is to find an old sewingcase at a auction filled with treasures.

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